A Heartfelt Thank You

On this Labor Day, I am so grateful to my union, SAG-AFTRA for giving me a steady income of residual checks during a year in which I worked very little, a year of wonder with my now one year old daughter. I am grateful to my employers, many of whom I am lucky to also call friends, friends who have patiently waited for me to say I can return to the voiceover, acting and singing jobs I love. I am grateful to my husband, David, for his hard work at his job as well, which also made it possible for me to focus on taking care of our daughter this past year. Thanks to my union, I can work jobs that pay extremely well for just a day of work, and then continue to receive residual checks for a long time. Only union jobs provide this sort of income (residuals and royalties) to artists who may otherwise not be able to make a living doing what they love. Because it is Labor Day, and because I am now returning to work jobs in the city (without my baby, as much as she enjoyed her last visits to the recording studio) I wanted to post this thank you on Labor Day to the people who work so hard to give me a fulfilling and creative work life that I love: THANK YOU to my husband, to my employers, and to my union.

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