Wowing them twice…

I was inspired to write today because I had a really great audition at Endeavor Studios. I went in for a national radio commercial audition, a bilingual script for the Hispanic market, so I was very excited (English and Spanish in the same script, one of my specialties!) and I was eager to impress this particular casting director, who had never met me before. Well, as soon as she heard my speaking voice, she had me switch to reading the 15 year old girl’s part since she thought I sounded young. Those of you who know me know I’m used to hearing this. I confidently put forth my best teen voice and she said I nailed it! But it gets better… I then asked if I could read the mom part and assured her that I could make my voice sound older. She said OK. After I did it, she said, “Wow, I’m so glad you offered to do that! I think you have a good chance of getting either!”

THIS is why I love voice acting!

So, to all my fellow actors, singers, and voice actors out there: Even after a great audition reading, monologue or song, you should always offer something more if you have something truly different and equally great, because if the casting director is willing to hear it, you could find yourself up for more than one role and get to wow them twice!

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