Listen to those loopers!

What a day! Two voiceover jobs back to back!  I got to do a Southern accent y’all, AND speak Spanish and English with a Cuban accent, all in one gig! (Complete with yelling Cuban obscenities. Mami would not have been proud.)

Oh, the life of a voiceover looper… I sure love it.  People often ask me what makes a good looper, so here are four things that are key: being good at improv, knowing multiple languages and/or accents, doing your homework (research topics covered in scenes), and being a team player.  The people I work with consistently impress me and keep me on my toes as I aim to match their energy, wit, and savvy improv dialogue, one minute sounding like young teenagers walking along the streets of Brooklyn, and in the next scene sounding like an elderly ER doctor and Hispanic nurse discussing the medical condition of a patient… it’s voice ACTING.  Like background actors who also play an important part, our voices help bring to life so many of the scenes you see in TV and films.  Net time you watch your favorite TV show, see if you notice any voices other than the principal actors, and if you do, you’re listening to a looper!

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