Voiceovers from Home Sweet Home

I recently booked and recorded a bilingual (English/Spanish) voiceover job from home thanks to a referral from fabulous fellow “Voxy LadyLisa Biggs. Being a new mother, I’m now submitting more voiceover auditions from home so that I can enjoy being with my baby girl as much as possible. Most of my voiceover work has taken place in various recording studios throughout New York (and elsewhere), so I’m still learning how to best pursue, book, record, and deliver voiceover jobs from home. As a SAGAFTRA actor, I thought there would not be many opportunities for me to work from home since union voiceover jobs tend to record in the city, but I have heard several top agents say that they are now requesting that all of their talent be able to record and deliver quality files from home, even if only for auditions. With all the advances and ease of new technology and equipment, recording from home is becoming quite common for professional union jobs!

For any other voiceover moms out there, another “Voxy Lady” and work-from-home voiceover talent, Heather Costa, has some good tips on how to “fit everything in” as a working mom in this great blog post.

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