Women in film are still Missing In Action (and Comedy, and Drama…)

Flavorwire came out with this article yesterday: Guess What: Hollywood’s ‘Bridesmaids’ Revolution Never Happened

“52% of the people in the audience are women, but only 28% of the people on screen are, and that’s not a problem that can be solved by a half-dozen catch-all “women’s pictures” per year. If Hollywood is serious about monetizing their audience, they might want to consider putting characters into their product that the majority of that audience can engage with.”

Please read the whole article, and then engage with other actors and filmmakers to continue this important dialogue.

As a female actor, after writing about how grateful I am to have voiceover work, I thought this was an appropriate follow up post.

Kudos to the author, Jason Bailey (yes, a guy wrote it).

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